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Kippen Tasting - with Gin at the Inn

The Inn at Kippen, Stirlingshire, on 6 March 2015



Jess says

I would just like to say thank you to all involved with the gin tasting at the Inn at Kippen last night. My friends all enjoyed it as they are gin drinkers. I found the scent/olfactory sense test interesting as an aromatherapist. Once again, thank you for a lovely, friendly evening.

Tara says

Thanks for a fabbie night. Gin tasting brilliant fun, we are thoroughly enjoyed our second one with Gin Club Scotland! And thanks for the gin report - I celebrated Mothers' Day with a William's Chase G&T. Finally he got the hint!

Fiona says

Fantastic night. Thank you once again

Polly says

It was a great night! Thanks!

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