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Gin with essence of ants

The result of a joint venture between bespoke gin tailor, Cambridge Distillery, and Copenhagen's Nordic Food Lab, each bottle of Anty Gin contains the essence of approximately 62 red wood ants. Found in large colonies all around the northern hemisphere, these ants defend their homes from invaders by producing formic acid in their abdomens and spraying it at any enemies. As formic acid is a very reactive compound in alcohol, it acts as an agent for producing aromatic esters. In brief, distillation of the wood ants means it's possible to capture the flavour and scent of the species. The red wood ants used in Anty Gin have been cultivated by a team of wild plant specialists from the forests of Kent. To support the distinctive flavour of the wood ant distillate and the characteristics of the Bulgarian juniper berries, the team selected a handful of prime-quality, wild springtime botanicals to add complexity to the final blend: wood avens, nettle, and alexanders seed. The first batch is made up of 99 bottles, each for sale at £200 a pop. The gin is 40% ABV and comes with a 50ml miniature of wood ant distillate.


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