Fifty/50 Gin

Launched by the House of MacDuff, Fifty/50 Gin has been aged in casks for 20 years. For the first 10, they chose virgin oak casks; this infused sweet vanilla, ginger and strong oak flavours. Then, for the second 10 years, they chose ex-whisky casks, which allowed the wood to impart greater depth of flavour. As a result of this whopping 20-year maturation, the aged gin turned a deep golden colour and the juniper was on the down-low. So, to bring back that piney juniper vibe, the team combined the aged gin with newly distilled London Dry at a ratio of 1:1 (hence the name Fifty/50). Up front there are rich caramel notes, followed by very mellow juniper with a creamy, almost velvety, mouth-feel. 

Distilled in Hertfordshire and bottled in Renfrewshire, Scotland. 

Drink gin responsibly. Ginebriation is not a good look.

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