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Price: £From £14.00
Size: 20cl or 50cl
Material: Zesty Citrus 42% vol | Herby & Aromatic 40% vol | Sweet & Nutty 43% vol
Persie Gin expressions

Persie Gin - Distillery Originals

Persie Gin has been developed by the Gin Club Scotland founder who branched off to open Persie Distillery!

Based on the most popular profiles at Gin Club Scotland tastings, there are three aromatic styles of Persie Distillery Originals. Each one is designed to unlock gin-lovers' taste buds by using their sense of smell: there is Zesty Citrus with an explosion of limes and blood oranges; there's Herby & Aromatic with fragrant rosemary, basil and olives; and there is Sweet & Nutty Old Tom, which is creamy and full-bodied with vanilla and almonds. 

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£14.00 for 20cl snack size
£30.00 for 50cl standard size

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