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Called to the bar by the Society of Advocates

Society of Advocates, Aberdeen, on 12 September 2015



Maria says

Thanks again for tonight! Great photos of the tasting.

Eaen says

The gin tasting was an excellent evening and very professionally executed.

Nick says

Thank you for coming! Everyone absolutely loved the evening! The format is just perfect. It would not surprise me if one or two people are in touch to organise their own gin nights after it - but I did warn them your diary is filling up! 

Mark says

Thank you for the gin report - this is brilliant! Just in time for the weekend. I know what I'm going to be shopping for! Thanks again, we really enjoyed it.

Kirsty says

Thank you very much for the gin report! We had a brilliant night and I was amazed with your memory of people, their tastes - and of course the gins!

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