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Gin Club Scotland launch event

Blackwatch Museum & Castle, Perth, on 13 June 2104



Annie says

We had such a good evening... really wonderful! Great idea having gin and tonics to start, then sniffing botanicals and coffee beans - all very original. Oh and I LOVE my gin report - what a fantastic follow-up - you've got us hooked. I'm usually very sweet-toothed so it's interesting that there is a bit of spice there.


Ruth says

Great tasting last night. Enjoyed it so much that we got the cucumber gin today!

Tony says

World Gin Day? We started early at the Gin Club Scotland launch. Great event - well done!

Scot says

Great night and great gin! Worth the trip from London.

Catriona says

My husband and I really enjoyed the tasting; very professional and educational.

Caroline says

Thank you for a fantastic night. It was such a success and everyone seemed to have a ball. I wish you every success with Gin Club.

Les says

Great night guys, very well done!

Will says

Loving Gin Club Scotland - a good rallying cry delivered with sassy marketing. Fun.

Alasdair says

That was a great evening. Very educational, good chat and great gin! We wish you the best for the future.

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