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Gin coup at the Curly Coo in Stirling

Curly Coo Bar, Stirling, on 27 March 2015



Mandy says

How lovely to meet you both and what a great night! Everyone is raving about it. Let's speak next week about getting the next one in the diary.

Jacqueline says

Thank you so much for a wonderful evening. I had such a good time!

Kim says

Thank you Gin Club Scotland for a fab evening of gin! Also spotted a few old Spanish holiday faves! Really appreciate the effort that went into Friday night and the gin report. Hopefully I'lll make it along to another one!

Lisa says

Fantastic night. Thank you for organising.

Samantha says

What a brilliant evening tonight at the gin tasting!

Gina says

The gin report is amazing! And I had a wonderful, wonderful time. You are both just brilliant fun and so enthusiastic! I will highly recommend your tasting nights and I will most definitely sign up for more.

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