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Gin school for deli staff

Gin training at Persie Distillery, Glenshee, for Provender Brown Deli, Perth, on 24 April and 8 June 2016



Ailsa says

Thank you Chrissie for such a fascinating afternoon. Who knew there was so much to learn, and your enthusiasm and knowledge which you shared with us just makes us wish to share and build on what we learnt yesterday from yourself. Wonderful! Our poor customers will now be pinned to the gin shelves whether they wish to buy or not! Can't wait for the Italian Hounds gin to come to the UK! Thank you so much. 

Diane says

Thank you so much for Monday; we all thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon and felt we benefited enormously from it. So much so, that I would like to send the rest of the team! I will be in touch with a date.

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