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Gin-loving foodies' night out

The Dalmore Inn & Restaurant, Blairgowrie, Highland Perthshire



Arnaud says

Thank you for your organisation! Everybody had a great night. Next one in the spring!

Alison says

Thank you for Simon and Chrissie for another thoroughly enjoyable gin experience. Wonderful having delicious food to bring the gins to life and make you think a bit more about how the flavours work.

Karen says

Thank you for a very enjoyable evening last Friday - also for the interesting Gin Report. G'Vine Nouaison is one of my favourites so I'm excited to try the Floraison! And I am looking forward to getting my hands on a bottle of Monkey 47 to give that a try too. We are looking forward to joining you again at the next Gin Tasting. You have been highly recommended to all my friends - I am slowly getting them all converted to gin. After last Friday I am converted to drinking my gin with sparkling water... absolutely loved it. Thank you once again.

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