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Northern Ireland's Biggest Gin Tasting!

The Culloden Hotel, Co Down, N Ireland, on 4 December 2014



Steph says

Thank you so much for last night - it truly was a great evening! I meant it when I said you guys have to come back - the fact that it was oversubscribed, plus the level of engagement of those there, is a clear indicator of the level of interest and untapped 'gin potential' there is in this market! The two of you delivered an entertaining, interactive and well thought-out programme for the evening (and I love your branding!).

Adrian says

I was delighted with the attendance of the gin tasting, and I have heard many wonderful reports on the evening. I spoke to a few guests as they were departing the suite and they were full of praise for an educational and entertaining night. Our bar staff were also delighted about getting more of an insight on gin flavours and knowledge. I think the success of last night can be replicated. Many thanks for pulling together such a wonderful evening.

Ann says

A great night - lots of craic, gin and information - we all enjoyed it hugely.

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