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Private tasting in Ballintuim, Perthshire

Ballintuim, Perthshire, on 20 September 2014



Caroline F says

Thank you for all your hard work at the gin tasting - it must have taken quite a bit of your time to do all the individual gin reports! I went on Facebook and saw the photos of the other events you have done - I will definitely be spreading the word! Good luck with your new adventure.

Caroline S says

Thanks for the gin tasting and report - I love it and will be testing your theory with both gins you recommended. Particularly Berkeley Square as we lived there for about a year.

Valerie says

It was a great night. I had no idea there were so many gins! Will try some more this weekend - maybe with chilli garnish again.

Elaine says

Gintastic night - another Blackwoods and tonic? Yes please!

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