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The beauty of fruity gins

Curly Coo Bar, Stirling, on 4 March 2016



Jennifer says

It was a great night!

Sam says

Thanks for a fab night in Stirling!

Iain says

We had a great night tasting different gins in Stirling with Gin Club Scotland! Many thanks Chrissie and Simon.

Claire says

Great night at the gin tasting last night! Thank you for educating us on all the different gins.

Peter says

I had the pleasure of attending your gin tasting at the Curly Coo in Stirling yesterday evening. It was a great night and my group had an excellent time!

Lynn says

Had a great time, thank you!

Mandy says

Great night had by all (as always). Thanks!

Amanda says

Thank you! It was a great night. I feel another one calling...

Ali says

Plenty of tasting involved! A full sensory experience.

Jen says

Thanks for the gin report! It was a very good, different night. I will be booking a private event soon!

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