Reiver's Gin

The two couples behind Reiver’s Gin believed that the Scottish Borders with its rich history and wealth of natural resources could produce high quality spirits. As a result, the main botanical in Reiver’s Gin – the whin flower - grows wild on the rolling lowland hills of Selkirkshire. Known as the golden flower of Thor, this is hand-picked, cleaned and dried before infusing it within their gin. Their next creation was Bannock Gin – another ingredient deeply rooted in Selkirk which is home of the original bannock. This 40.5% vol gin uses a classic juniper-led gin as its base, then the Selkirk Bannock is added and allowed to macerate for one month, recreating the rich, buttery flavours of a bannock in a bottle.

Gins in the Reiver’s Gin family:
Reiver’s Gin
Bannock Gin

Distilled under contract in Perthshire, Scotland. 

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