Hills & Harbour Gin

The ethos behind Crafty Distillery is simple: to create tasty spirits from scratch using new technology and locally sourced ingredients. And with Galloway as its home, Hills & Harbour Gin has the perfect larder for its ingredients, surrounded by forests and unspoilt coastline. Ingredients include Noble Fir Pine needles and Bladderwrack seaweed, balanced with nine other botanicals to create a sweet and peppery profile, with hints of forestry, fruits and a subtle scent of the shore. Their limited edition Heir of the Dog Gin was created for Prince Harry's Royal Wedding in May 2018 - with hints of ginger in the profile.

Gins in the Crafty Distillery family:
Hills & Harbour Gin
Heir of the Dog Gin 

Distilled in Galloway, Scotland.

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