Gin Bothy Original and flavoured gins

Peel Farm in Angus first started using the berry juices left over from its jam making to make flavoured raspberry gin. Now they make several gins using locally-grown berries compounded with a base spirit produced in Angus. At 22% vol, they are infused for three months on average, and hand-turned every day. Their Original Gin is their first savoury profile. 

Gins in the Gin Bothy family:
Gin Bothy Raspberry Gin
Gin Bothy Strawberry Gin
Gin Bothy Blueberry Gin
Gin Bothy Rhubarb Gin
Gin Bothy Chilli Gin
Gin Bothy Arametto Gin
Gin Bothy Original Gin
Gin Bothy Mulled Gin / Gunshot Gin
Gin Bothy Stirrup Cup

Distilled under contract in Forfar, Angus, Scotland.

Drink gin responsibly. Ginebriation is not a good look.

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