Edinburgh Gin and Edinburgh Gin Liqueurs

Until recently, Spencerfield Spirit Company had Edinburgh Gin distilled with classic gin botanicals south of the border in the Black Country. It was then shipped to Fife where Scottish juniper, heather and milk were added. In June 2014, Edinburgh gin production moved to the west end of Edinburgh in the basement of the Huxley Bar. The Edinburgh Christmas Gin contains frankincense and myrrh, which add a fragrant aroma, and a closing note of nutmeg brings warmth. The Seaside Gin features seaweed, scurvy grass and ground ivy - all sourced locally from the Edinburgh coastline.

Gins in the Edinburgh Gin family:
Edinburgh Gin
Edinburgh Cannonball Gin
Edinburgh Christmas Gin
Edinburgh Seaside Gin
Edinburgh Raspberry Gin
Edinburgh Elderflower Gin
Edinburgh Plum & Vanilla Gin
Edinburgh Rhubarb & Ginger Gin 
Edinburgh Pomegranate & Rose Gin

Distilled in Edinburgh, Lothians, Scotland.

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