Crossbill is a handcrafted dry gin produced uniquely with 100% Scottish juniper and rosehip. It is distilled in a copper pot still. The gin takes its name from the Scottish Crossbill, a native bird, which, like its juniper supply, can only be found in the ancient Caledonian pine forests of Scotland. Formerly produced in Aviemore, in 2017 the team moved to a purpose-built facility at Barras Art and Design in Barrowlands, Glasgow, allowing them to expand and increase the volumes of each batch produced. On discovering that one of the Crossbill's juniper specimens was over 200 years old (very rare in Scotland), the team brought out a single specimen juniper gin - Crossbill 200. As a result, the release was extremely limited and each bottle cost £85. It has an ABV of 59.8% which enables maximum flavour penetration with fresh pine and juniper essence. 

Gins in the Crossbill family:
Crossbill Gin
Crossbill 200 Gin
Crossbill Staghorn Sumac Gin
Crossbill Pineapple Gin
Crossbill 3D Juniper Gin (for That Boutique-y Gin Company)

Distilled in Barrowlands, Glasgow, Scotland.

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