Ellis Flavoured Gins

Ellis Gin is a hand-crafted Glaswegian brand that creates small-batch gin infusions. Originally created as the base for a Ready-to-Drink pre-mixed gin cocktails, it was launched with two coloured, flavoured gins. Designed to appeal to both the sight and taste senses, vibrant tones change colour when tonic is added. Scottish Bramble Gin is (oddly enough) made by macerating Scottish brambles with gin; the red colour changes to bright orange when tonic is added. The other profile, Butterfly Pea, is an Asian ingredient which change the gin into a lilac colour when mixed with tonic or another carbonated mixer.

Gins in the Ellis family:
Ellis Gin No2 Scottish Bramble
Ellis Gin No3 Butterfly Pea

Distilled under contract in Glasgow, Scotland.

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