Avva Gin

Created by the founder of Elgin-based Moray Distillery who make the Berry Good range of liqueurs, Avva Scottish Gin is made using a combination of classic gin botanicals as well as botanicals foraged in Speyside and the Highlands. Meaning respected mother, it provides a link with the reputation that gin had as ‘Mother’s Ruin’ from the Hogarth era. Orange and lime peel hits first on the nose, and is quickly backed up by refreshing, vegetal herbs. A crackle of peppery juniper lasts throughout. They also produce a Navy Strength variation at 57.2%, plus a Cask Finished gin at 55%.

Gins in the Avva family:
Avva Gin
Avva Navy Strength Gin
Avva Cask Finished Gin
Berry Good Strawberry Gin
Berry Good Blackcurrant Gin
Berry Good Rhubarb Gin
Berry Good Raspberry Gin

Distilled in Elgin, Moray, Scotland.

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