GlenWyvis Gin

The brainchild of the local Flying Farmer, this limited edition gin launched in summer 2015 and is the first from the new Dingwall distillery now under construction. The distillery name is an amalgam of former distilleries in the area - Glenskiach and Ben Wyvis. As 'skiach' means 'hawthorn' in Gaelic, this is the key botanical. The team aims to have the strongest green credentials for a distillery in Scotland; they currently deliver their gin by electric car. The team has also produced four limited editions under the umbrella term 'The Edinburgh Collection'.

Gins in the Glenwyvis family:
Glenwyvis Original Highland Gin
Glenwyvis North Coast 500 Gin
Glenwyvis Limited Edition Rescue Gin
Glenwyvis Limited Edition Old Town Gin
Glenwyvis Limited Edition New Town Gin
Glenwyvis Limited Edition Stockbridge Gin
Glenwyvis Limited Edition Morningside Gin
Glenwyvis Ross County Gin

Distilled in Unst, Shetland, Scotland.

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