Orkney Gin Company

What started out as a hobby, making hand-crafted gin as a Christmas present for family and friends, is now a family-run business. The inspiration is the rugged coast and wind-swept hills of Orkney, so local botanicals form the flavour base of the gin. The gin is made with a bathtub-style method: this involves blending a variety of botanicals with a specially made neutral grain spirit. The team produces three seasonal gins, each of which are filtered, bottled and labelled by hand. Johnsmas is the Orcadian midsummer so the gin is fresh and light with floral notes; Mikkelmas is the feast of St Michael, celebrated during the first half of October to mark the end of the harvest, so the gin is warming and spicy and works well as a hot toddy; and the latter is a Rhubarb Old Tom, flavoured with chopped Scottish rhubarb.

Gins in the Orkney Gin Company family:
Orkney Johnsmas Gin
Orkney Mikkelmas Gin
Orkney Rhubarb Old Tom Gin

Distilled on Orkney.

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