Kirkjuvagr Gin

Kirkjuvagr means “Church Bay” in Old Norse – more commonly known as Kirkwall. Centuries ago, Norsemen brough angelia to the islands – a traditional gin botanical. This botanical, found growing wild in Orkney to this day, is one of the defining ingredients. Plans are afoot for 2018 with an artisan distillery in Kirkwall, visitor centre and shop. Their ‘storm strength’ Arkh-Angell Gin is designed to be more intense as a testament to seafarers. It has been created with a mission to retain the smoothness and characteristics of the original Kirkjuvagr Gin, but with a higher strength to pay homage to the proud seafaring heritage of Orkney. It carries the name of a local fishing boat that has a place close to the heart of many Orcadians. 

Gins in the Kirkjuvagr family:
Kirkjuvagr Gin
Kirkjuvagr Arkh-Angell Gin
Kirkjuvagr Harpa Gin

Distilled in Methven, Perthshire, Scotland.

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