Shetland Reel Gin

A truly authentic Shetland gin from Shetland's only distillery. Created in Unst, the most northerly island in the UK, this traditional-style gin has a unique Shetland twist with the inclusion of apple mint - grown and harvested on Unst by Unst Market Garden. The special edition Simmer Gin is inspired by the magical Shetland 'simmer dim' or summer twilight when the sun barely falls below the horizon, seeming like an endless day. The Up Helly Aa unusual limited edition gin was designed with Shetland's world-famous Viking fire festival in mind - light straw in colour, it has been aged in ex-whisky casks. The Ocean Sent gin is reminiscent of the surrounding seascape. The limited edition Holly Days gin was produced for Christmas 2016; the team took Shetland Reel signature gin and gave it a festive twist with more juniper, more spice and more citrus. Everything to excess, just like the festive season!

Gins in the Shetland Reel family:
Shetland Reel Gin
Shetland Reel Ocean Sent Gin
Shetland Reel Simmer Gin
Shetland Reel Up Helly Aa
Shetland Reel Holly Days Gin 

Distilled on Shetland, Scotland.

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