Uisge Lusach Gin

Uisge Lusach Gin reflects and reinforces the rich Gaelic heritage of the Isle of Skye. Because it is distilled using the island’s soft water, taking the ‘Uisge’ from Usige Beatha (Scotland's water of life - whisky) seemed very appropriate. Lusach means herbaceous or abounding in herbs which reflects several of the botanicals. The distillery overlooks the historic lighthouse at Eilean Iarmain on the south east coast of the Isle of Skye. 

Gins in the Uisge Lusach family:
Uisge Lusach Dry Gin
Christmas Spirit Gaelic Gin Liqueur
Apple & Rosehip Gaelic Gin Liqueur
Bramble Gaelic Gin Liqueur

Distilled on Skye.

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