Wild Island Botanic Gin

Created by the team at Colonsay Brewery, and working with Langley Distillery, this small batch gin takes its design inspiration from the colours and contours of the island’s beautiful Kiloran Bay, and takes its flavour inspiration from the island flora and wild botanicals. They have also produced a Wild Island Sacred Tree Gin, inspired by the ancient Scots who observed a ‘sacred tree’ calendar where the bramble vine represented the month of September – this was when the fruits were gathered. Inspired that this folklore, the gin uses an array of carefully selected autumn fruits, including brambles hand gathered on Colonsay. Added to a composition totalling 22 individual botanicals, this creates a complex fruity-spicy-sweet contemporary London Dry style gin.

Gins in the Wild Island family:
Wild Island Botanic Gin
Wild Island Sacred Tree Gin

Distilled under contract in Birmingham, England.

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