Boë Gin

The distiller claims that in the year 1658, world-renowned Professor Franz de la Boë invented the world’s first gin while searching for a medicinal tonic. It contains 13 rare hand-picked botanicals and spices. Boë is created using the old-fashioned Carterhead still system – which means the botanical vapours go through the liquid instead of being boiled in it. Boe Violet Gin was created in 2017: infusing the original Boe Gin with violets creates a light, delicate taste with an unusual colour and aroma. The third expression, Boe Peach & Hibiscus, combines the tanginess and berry-rich flavor of Hibiscus with fresh peaches, to give a delightful fruity and flowery aroma and taste. Enjoy with Champagne or Prosecco, in cocktails, with soda or lemonade or over ice. Boe Passion Fruit is terrifically tangy, an ideal sweet treat that pairs perfectly with rich puddings.

Gins in the Boe family:
Boe Gin
Boe Violet Gin
Boe Peach & Hibiscus Gin
Boe Scottish Bramble Gin Liqueur
Boe Spiced Orange Gin
Boe Passion Fruit Gin

Distilled under contract in Paisley, Renfrewshire, Scotland.

Drink gin responsibly. Ginebriation is not a good look.

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