Strathearn Classic Gin

From Strathearn Distillery, at present Scotland's smallest whisky distillery, the Classic Gin is a new-style citrus gin based on the Old London Gin Standard. With its added elements of zest, herbs and spices, it lies somewhere between the Southern Mediterranean with its Italian lemons and Spanish grapefruit, and much further East as you detect kaffir lime leaves and star anise. It has a full and citrus palate, and is recommended with a wedge of grapefruit garnish. Their Citrus gin ramps up the fruity element. The Heather Rose Gin is a combination of rose and heather with very light fruity notes of honey combined with slight notes of lavender. The colour reflects the fields of heather on Scottish hillsides and the addition of tonic changes the colour to a light pink. Their Juniper Gin is produced using two stills: one 500l and one 50l; this double distillation creates a full-bodied yet balanced juniper-led gin. Oaked Highland Gin is described as when whisky meets gin; smooth with a hint of oak. It is accented by vanilla and a subtle smokiness. The Strathearn Homecoming Gin is a limited edition celebrating the 2014 Year of Homecoming in Scotland. Their full range of gins are also available in 'Distillery Strength' at 60.5%.

Gins in the Strathearn family:
Strathearn Classic Gin
Strathearn Citrus Gin
Strathearn Heather Rose Gin
Strathearn Oaked Highland Gin 
Strathearn Juniper Gin
Strathearn Homecoming Gin
Strathearn Classic Distillery Strength Gin
Strathearn Citrus Distillery Strength Gin
Strathearn Heather Rose Distillery Strength Gin
Strathearn Oaked Highland Distillery Strength Gin 
Strathearn Juniper Distillery Strength Gin

Distilled in Methven, Perthshire, Scotland.

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