Scottish Gins

Scottish gins have a great rep. Over 70% of gin made in the UK is produced in Scotland, including three of the bestsellers – Hendrick’s, Tanqueray and – you’ve guessed it – Gordon’s, the world’s number one London Dry Gin.

It all started about 15 or so years ago when Hendrick’s gave gin enthusiasts something to high-five about with a combination of curious packaging and a cucumber perfect serve. Those whisky buffs at William Grant's certainly know their hard stuff.

That got the rest of us thinking. Around 2010, distilleries in Speyside and Islay produced Caorunn and The Botanist, with the makers of Sheep Dip whisky launching Edinburgh Gin. And now every year brings new craft brands to fill up your drinks cabinet! So why not add some 2017 newbies to your collection of staples? Click on our Gin Menu to see what's out there. We are adding more every month with new gins from every nook and cranny of the country. 

Drink gin responsibly. Ginebriation is not a good look.

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