Gin Tastings

Touring Gin Tastings: for your home, shop or bar

Our gin tasting format for private and corporate functions is entirely flexible, tailored to your needs and based on what you’d like to offer your guests or customers. To give you an idea of what we can do, a few examples include: a Gin Nosing & Tasting session; a Gin & Mixer drinks reception; an Artisanal Gin Bar; a Gin & Pâtisserie party; or a formal seated dinner with Gin & Food Pairing. Have a look at our Gallery to check out those happy customers for yourself!

We tend to bring between 30 and 150 gin brands with us – depending on the event – and the standard price per head is £20.00 for six samples of gin, plus mileage.

Minimum numbers vary according to where you are based. As a rough guide, if the travel time from our base in Bridge of Cally is within one hour, we can look at tastings for around 20 people. This includes Perth, Dundee, Braemar, Dunkeld, Pitlochry and their surrounding areas. If you live a little further away, the numbers go up: for example, Edinburgh and Aberdeen require 40 people; Glasgow and Inverness require 50.

If in doubt, just pop your request in the box on our Contacts page; that’s what it’s there for. Make sure you tell us the location of the venue, the numbers you are anticipating and any dates you have in mind. Then we can take it from there.

Distillery-based Gin Tastings: see where the magic happens

If you're keen for the full distillery experience, we run gin tastings for up to 16 people in our local gin distillery - Persie Distillery in Perthshire. This way, you can meet Phil the Still and have a tour of a working distillery as well as enjoying eight gin samples from a choice of over 50 gin brands. This costs £19.00 per person. 

Gin Training: for staff working in bottle shops, pubs and restaurants

If you’re making plans to stock up your bar, shop or restaurant, or you’re keen to run your own tasting, it’s worth taking a look at our staff training package – designed to improve staff knowledge and understanding of your core products. Perhaps you’d like to create a gin flight offering, host a gin tasting or gin & food pairing event, or order gins to feature on the gin menu or on the shelves? If so, we can help. We will enable staff to advise on which gins your customers might order/buy based on other gins, or spirits, they enjoy. Plus, they will develop an understanding of which mixers and garnish customers might try with particular gins, and which gins feature best in which cocktails.

We will tailor the session for your needs - featuring big brand and craft gins from Scotland and the wider UK, Europe and the US - taking you through gin profiles, the gin flavour wheel, key gin botanicals, and gin production methods. Just pop your details in the box on our Contacts page and we will get back to you directly with costs for you or your team.

Gin Flavour Wheel Experience 

This is one for the serious gin buffs out there! There are eight different segments on the Gin Flavour Wheel: Green; Fruity; Floral; Herbal; Spicy; Grainy; Smoky; and Sweet. We work our way through each segment using nosing and tasting techniques to develop skills and expertise in aroma recognition and gin profile identification. We feature at least six gin brands per segment for sampling to help you master the complexities of gin profiling. If we come to you, the cost is £40 per head for sampling up to 50 gin brands and we ask for a minimum of 10 people (occasionally fewer depending on where the venue is). We can be flexible on timing; for a guide, the session tends to last two to three hours. We also offer the Gin Flavour Wheel Experience for four people or more at Persie Distillery, which includes a full distillery tour and tasting. Email here for more details on availability and pricing. 

Gin Tasting Kits: run your own event

In these strange and uncertain times, it’s hard to stay connected. But that’s why it’s more important than ever – whether it’s with friends, family or colleagues. So whether it’s a hen night, leaving do, birthday party, weekend away or charity fundraiser, we have the perfect kit for you to run your own interactive tasting experience at home! You can order one kit for a small household, or we can send several kits of the same gins to different addresses for a Zoom party.

The Mystery Gin Tasting Kit contains three botles of gin (20cl size) and three perfect serve mixers, while the DIY Gin Tasting Kit contains six bottles of gin (either 20cl or 50cl size). Each gin is a different brand from a different part of the gin flavour wheel. There are extensive tasting notes, plus a score sheet for you to help identify your favourite. We are also able to work up comprehensive Host Notes on The History of Gin and How to Taste Gin if that might come in handy.

In the kit, each bottle of gin is numbered 1 to 3 or 6 so you are encouraged to taste the liquid blind and judge it on its own merits without getting distracted by packaging! Use your nose and palate to identify the botanicals, then add your choice of mixer and garnish. At the end of the session, you’ll be able to tell which style of gin you prefer – whether that’s fruity, floral, green, spicy, herbal, grainy, smoky or sweet.

The kits range in price from £40.00 to £210.00. Depending on your gin journey, there are a number of Gin Tasting Kits to choose from: Tradtional Gins; Flavoured Gins; Craft Gins; Scottish Gins; Round the World Gins; Hen Party Gins; and Connoisseur’s Gins. See the details on our Shop page. 

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