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Nosing & Tasting Events

The first thing we do at a gin tasting isn’t taste. It’s smell.

With at least 75% of flavour down to the sense of smell, we need to work on aroma recognition to make sure we enjoy our gin to the full. Particularly as distinctive flavour profiles are the main differentiator between all the gin brands out there! So we will kick off our session by sniffing a few botanicals common to gin to see how many you can spot. In short, let’s see how sharp your nose is.

Then comes the good bit. We will be tasting several gins from a choice of 80-100 – rolling out a mix of big brands and quirky handcrafted newbies. With different taste buds on your tongue activated by different flavours, you will be aware of fruity, floral, spicy, savoury and sweet tastes.

At the end of the session, you should be able to distinguish the differences in the smells and tastes of the gin brands and enjoy them to the full. We will also provide you with your very own flavour profile analysis which tells you which flavours your palate prefers and which gins - from across the world - might suit you best. Taking you on the journey from gin enthusiast to connoisseur!

Private Tastings

If your enquiry is about private tastings, we can help! We run personal and corporate tastings all over Scotland from £16 per head for an interactive gin nosing and tasting experience with 60+ gins, plus a personal flavour report and individual gin recommendations for each guest. The minimum numbers vary according to where you are based - so fill in the box below and we can take it from there. Or, if you're keen for the full distillery experience, we run gin tastings for up to 16 people in our local gin distillery - Persie Distillery in Perthshire. 

Gin & Pâtisserie Pairing

Pairing gin with pâtisserie is the latest thing to hit the burgeoning Scottish gin scene. A world first, this sensory delight is the result of a partnership between Gin Club Scotland and the Scottish Baking Awards Outright Winner 2014, Hautecake by Sonnda Catto. 

We have hand-picked a selection of fruity, floral, sweet and bright green gins, each carefully matched with Hautecake's award-winning gâteau, macaron and financier - plus a specially created sponge with locally foraged ingredients to complement the piney and herbaceous qualities of juniper.

Perfect for birthday and hen parties, family get-togethers, wedding receptions and leaving dos, Gin & Pâtisserie Pairings cost £30 per head for 15-50 people. Email or to make a booking.

Bespoke Gin Events

Or if you'd like something a little different, tailored just for you and your friends, what about one of these? A gin & mixer class; an artisanal gin bar; or a formal seated dinner with gin & food pairing. Email and we will work up a proposal to meet your needs.

Staff Training

Finally, if you'd like to improve your staff's knowledge and understanding of your gin range - whether you're in the on-trade or off-trade - we can help there, too. We run bespoke training sessions on big brand and craft gins from Scotland and the wider UK, Europe and the US. We will tailor the session for your needs, taking you through gin profiles, the gin flavour wheel, key gin botanicals, and gin production methods. We can help advise on gin menus or which gins to keep in stock to keep your customers happy. Just pop your details in the box on our Contacts page and we will get back to you directly.

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About Gin


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