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Oregon Juniper Wood is secret ingredient in new Swedish Gin

It's a perfect fit. For years, foresters in Oregon have been trying to create new markets for juniper trees as the species has overrun some parts of the state, and is sucking scarce water from its desert. Meanwhile, in the world's northernmost distillery, a tiny town in Sweden not far from the Arctic Circle, the Herno Gin Distillery team was keen on the idea of ageing gin in a juniper barrel. This requires a traditional Swedish cask made of thick juniper staves - but no juniper wood in Europe met the specifications. An online search came up with the In The Sticks sawmill in Fossil, Oregon - and the rest is history. The gin is aged in the barrels for 30 days, which gives it a deep, complex flavour and slight yellow colour. It has just won Gold at the International Wine & Spirits Competition.

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