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The Lazy Gin Drinkers' Guide

Laziness is having a moment. We use emojis instead of words to say how we feel, and swipe right or left to hook up or bin off romantic prospects. So it's not surprising that lazy gin-drinkers are getting in on the act. Here’s how.

Take a seat and let the bar come to you: the drinks trolley is back! This 1970s staple is having a revival, with sales up 200% in 2016. Several chic London gin bars have seized the concept of booze on wheels and here are our top three. 1) At BYOC (Bring Your Own Cocktail) Soho and Camden customers provide their own gin and pay £25 for a personal mixologist with a crowded vintage Italian drinks trolley to rustle up as many bespoke cocktails as they can cram into a two-hour slot. 2) Dukes Hotel’s Martini Trolley is a deceptively humble wooden bar cart, wheeled to each table where the gin-based cocktail is served stirred, not shaken, and ice cold. 3) Cartizze bar in Mayfair uses an antique Empire-style drinks trolley to create customised Negronis in sleek silver cocktail shakers with a selection of premium gins, vermouths and Campari, served in cut-crystal glasses. Trolley dollies, this is your time.

If you've ever thought that going to the bar for a refill was a drag, your prayers could be answered. Wetherspoons has launched a new app in all of its 900+ bars across the UK that allows customers to order food and drink direct to their seats and pay for it on their smart phones, meaning you don't have to leave your children, handbag, friends or crisps for those precious few minutes. Bottom line? If you don't want to stand up, download. 

You know that sad little feeling inside when your drink is almost finished? If only bar staff could sense your sorrow and bring another. But wait! Now they can. Enter big brand Martini with a cool new invention - the smart ice cube. The concept is simple: the bartender places a smart cube in your drink when serving, where it happily bobs about, just being an ice cube, until it senses a lack of liquid. The ice cube then goes on red alert at the insane prospect of an empty glass and beams a 999 emergency transmission to a device behind the bar, ordering you the same again and telling the serving staff where to find you. Phew. I feel safer just knowing it exists. 

The Lazy Gin Drinkers' Guide

Laziness is having a moment. We use emojis instead of words to say how we feel, ...

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