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Price: ££40.00
Size: 3 x 200ml Bottles of Gin | 3 x 200ml Bottles of Mixers
Material: Glass Bottles
Mystery Kit Options

Mystery Gins Tasting Kit

The core essentials to run your own gin tasting at home!

The kit is just the right size for four tasters, based on three samples measuring 50ml per person.

It contains:

  • 3 x 200ml bottles of gin, each one a different brand

  • 3 x 200ml premium mixers, perfectly paired to match your gins 

  • 3 x sets of detailed tasting notes for each gin brand in a secret envelope

  • 4 x copies of a Gin Flavour Wheel score sheet

    In the kit, each bottle of gin is numbered 1 to 3 so you are encouraged to taste the liquid blind and judge it on its own merits without getting distracted by packaging! Use your nose and palate to identify the botanicals, then add your choice of mixer and garnish based on our recommendations.

    Depending on your gin journey, there are a number of Mystery Gins Tasting Kits to choose from:

  1. G&T TRADITIONAL KIT Featuring three different gins with traditional botanicals, designed to be paired with three classic tonics

  2. G&T FLAVOURED KIT Featuring three different gins with contemporary botanicals, designed to be paired with three flavoured tonics

  3. G NO T! KIT Featuring three different gins with a range of botanicals, designed to be paired with non-tonic mixers such as lemonade, ginger ale or flavoured soda 

  4. LIQUEUR KIT Featuring three different gin liqueurs, designed to be paired with a range of mixers 

Please allow 7 working days for us to curate, package and ship the gin. 

Delivery to UK only.

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